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Paint Protection Film and Tint installation

Protection of Your Investment

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At Shield Pros we offer Xpel paint protection film and Xpel tint. Paint protection film or "PPF" offer many benefits for you vehicle. With a self healing top coat, light swirls and scratches heal instantly in sunlight or heat. It will protect your paint from rock chips and from fading. Another added benefit is added gloss. Paint protection warranty is 10 years from cracking, peeling, and fading. Our installers have much experience in installation procedures, so you would be in good hands here at Shield Pros!
Prices(vehicle and kit dependent.)
Partial kits(Hood 20-22 inch coverage precut with fenders, mirror caps, bumper, headlights.-$900-$1500
Full Fronts(Full Hood, Fenders, Bumper, Mirror caps, Headlights, and Grill (if applicable)-$1600-$2800
Full Cars-(email or call for price)

TInt-Xpel XR ceramic
2 fronts $180
4 door sedan $400
SUV large trucks $450
windshields starting at $200(prices higher according to size)
stripping old tint or ppf 75 per hour

We can also do custom Packages depending on availability of precuts. For more information checkout the xpel website at 

Automobile WindowTint

Tinting the windows on your vehicle has multiple benefits. It protects your vehicle's interior from the damaging rays of the sun. It also protects you and your passengers from harmful UV rays. Also your vehicles AC system will work alot less harder and more efficiently with the heat rejection qualties of window tint film. You will also enjoy more security with window tint film. Potential thefts and break-ins may be thwarted because of less visibility into your vehicle from the outside. Lastly It will enhance the appearance of your vehicle.

Paint Protection Film(clearbra)

Paint protection film is the ultimate way to protect your paint from chips, swirls, and surface scratches.Our films have a self healing surface that will enhance the look of your vehicle and protect it for years to come.

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